Wooden Wireless Speaker Multi-Function

  • $55.61
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Brand Koojawind
Weight 200 g
Speaker Connection Bluetooth
Power feed Battery


  • With TWS ONE WITH TWO FUNCTION: Supports a phone that connects to two speakers at the same time, allowing you to enjoy dual audio performance if you have two speakers.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 wireless configuration connection, positioning is close to the point source, the sound field is not easy to split, restore sound fidelity, connect high-speed Bluetooth multimedia multimedia devices.
  • Shocking Bass with Surround Sound System.Rear Stereo Dual Magnetic Circuit Technology Exquisite Wireless Speaker, Good Sound Effect with Directional Surround Sound, Brings You a New Sound System Experience, Medium and High and Low Level is Clear, Sound Quality It's full and moving.
  • Unique speaker in Brazilian oak, the sound is wrapped together in a concentrated area, the harmonics in the rectifier circuit are greatly reduced, the space is full of rich tones, the handmade wooden structure is clear and beautiful, and natural sound is heard
  • Portable lightweight desktop subwoofer Bluetooth speaker, stylish wood to make the pleasure of the wonderful sound.